St. Michael Catholic Church – Kelly’s Island, OH

We were commissioned to design, fabricate and install ten new stained glass windows depicting Christ and different saints to compliment a charming 1880s structure.  We also installed new double glazed ventilators and protective glazing.

Iconography:  “Christ with the Eucharist” shows the standing figure of Jesus with the elements of the Eucharist – bread in one hand and the cup in the other. The table in the upper room is symbolic of the Last Supper. “Christ The Good Shepherd” is based on a verse of John from the bible - it shows strength in His ability to protect His flock and in his gentle carrying of the lamb is a symbol of welcome and comfort. “St. Michael, Archangel” is the guardian of the souls of men and is shown in armor reminding us that he cast out Lucifer, depicted as a dragon, and his rebels. “St. Patrick,” the Archbishop of Ireland, is holding the familiar shamrock that he used to illustrate the mystery of the Trinity, and crushing a serpent under his foot symbolizing the driving of the snakes from Ireland. The “Holy Spirit” is symbolized as a descending dove with seven tongues of fire to suggesting the day of Pentecost and the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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