First Hungarian Reformed Church - Walton Hills, OH

New stained glass throughout.

We designed, fabricated, and installed seventy-one panels of stained glass composed of a combination of mouth-blown antique glass and machine-drawn antique glass, on which we hand-painted then kiln fired numerous designs and symbols.

Iconography: The front wall of the Church represents the Holy Trinity, with the crown in the center of the rose window symbolizing God the Father. The Triquetra (intertwining circles) represent the Trinity, as do the triangles. Circles are a symbol of the eternity and perfection of God, and the rays emanating from the crown are gold signifying splendor, warmth and love.

The rays project the Father's splendor and warmth over the Son and Holy Spirit. The lines of the rays point back to the center or God. The Holy Spirit is shown as a descending Dove. The Lamb of God is Jesus the Christ. Circular shapes are repeated around these symbols to relate these areas visually to the Rose window.

The circle is a repeating motif throughout the windows, drawing a balance between the angular elements of the design and the organic vine-like forms. The amber border emphasizes the roof line and the large triangular shape that pulls the three windows together. This ribbon reaches around the corner like God the Father embracing the congregation. The amber color represents His love, warmth and glory.

From the Historical bays through the Gospel and Teaching bays, the organic shapes carry the viewer forward into the church. The fine-like shapes can be seen as expressing the relationship between God and His people. The bible sometimes refers to the vineyard as being a protected place where the children of God (the vines) flourish under the tender care of God (the Keeper of the Vineyard).

Interspersed throughout all the windows are colorful rosettes with Hungarian floral motifs. These jewels of color, along with the flowing lines of the design should move the viewer toward the front of the church and the glory of God.